We thank the Geico Philanthropic Foundation for its generous donation to support the Museum's numerous art education programs. This donation enables The Kreeger Museum to continue to involve thousands of school children in the greater Washington community, including those in underserved schools. This year nearly 70 percent of the schools participating in our education programs were recipients of Title I funding. We also thank the Walter A. Bloedorn Foundation for generously supporting our Hear Art/See Music program.

School Programs

All programs are $7/student with the exception of Hear Art/See Music and First Studio ($10/student.)

Title I schools receive discounted tickets - $4/student or $7/student for Hear Art/See Music and First Studio.

Most school programs include a workshop led by a Teaching Artist. School programs without workshops are free of charge.  

To learn more about our school programs please contact: David W. Hawkins, Head of Education at education@kreegermuseum.org

First Studio
ages 3-5
60 minutes

Children are invited to use their imagination as they explore the paintings, sculpture, and architecture of The Kreeger Museum. Each program includes a gallery tour, a story and a hands-on art-making experience. Adult companion required and art-making attire recommended.


Nature Through Art

90 minutes

Students study landscapes, still lifes and sculpture to discover how artists represent natural forms. Docents discuss compositional structures - foreground, middle ground, background - and students learn that art is a vehicle for expressing personal views of nature.



Seeing Shapes and Colors
90 minutes

Color can be understood logically with the color wheel and the theory of color contrasts. Students examine abstract and figurative paintings and study how artists use light and dark tones, warm and cool colors, and how color is seen in relation to certain shapes.

Hear Art/See Music
90 minutes

Student participants in Hear Art/See Music

Hear Art / See Music is a multidisciplinary program based on the Museum's African mask collection.  Studying design, pattern, rhythm, communication and cultural perspective, students compare a Chi Wara headdress from the Bamana people, and a Banda mask from the Baga people. The students also participate in two hands-on activities: a djembe drum circle, led by a musician, and a mask-making workshop, led by a teaching artist.  

click here to watch video clip of program

The Making of Architecture

90 minutes

Students discuss architect Philip Johnson's design choices ranging from planning to execution. The Kreeger building inspires an investigation of shape, form, flow, light, and context. Students build their own models, taking into account scale.

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