Past Exhibitions

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Emilie Brzezinski | The Lure of the Forest

Ukraine Trunk, 2014, Maple

September 16 - December 27, 2014
The Kreeger Museum presents an exhibition of monumental wood sculptures by Emilie Brzezinski. The Lure of the Forest expresses Brzezinski’s fascination with trees and her love and respect for the environment. The Museum pays homage to this masterful sculptor, who for over thirty years has chain sawed and hand-chiseled tree trunks into majestic forms. Each work exhibits beauty, grace, sensuousness, and strength. Her imposing installations are awe-inspiring and express the passion Brzezinski has for her trees. Guest curator Milena Kalinovska.

Generously supported by

K@20 Kreeger Museum 20th Anniversary Exhibition

William Christenberry, Southern Monument XXII, 1989, steel, wood, paint, mixed media, and red soil

February 20 - July 31, 2014
Guest Curator - Sarah Tanguy

K@20 highlights 14 Washington, DC-area artists: Kendall Buster, William Christenberry, Gene Davis, Sam Gilliam, Tom Green, Ledelle Moe, Michael Platt, Jann Rosen-Queralt, John Ruppert, Jim Sanborn, Jeff Spaulding, Dan Steinhilber, Renee Stout, and Yuriko Yamaguchi. Displaying a broad spectrum of interests and styles, the featured artists have all contributed to the Washington art scene and beyond; each has shown previously at The Kreeger. In recognition of the Museum’s history, guest curator Sarah Tanguy relates the artworks thematically to the building’s architecture and aspects of the collection.From installations, paintings, sculptures and works on paper to video, the selection offers a fresh perspective,not only on individual practices,but also on the collective strength of Washington’s art community - and honors Carmen and David Lloyd Kreeger’s legacy and the Museum’s future.

Mindy Weisel



In Memory of Fran Eizenstat

September 3 - December 28, 2013

This exhibition is comprised of three significant bodies of work that parallel one another in large-scale human and environmental tragedies - Paintings of the Holocaust (ca. 1980), Survival of Beauty (2010), and After Tohoku(2012).

MINDY WEISEL | NOT NEUTRAL reveals in each series the artist's exploration of deep emotion through color, gestural marks, surface tension, and composition.  These works are profound expressions of the triumph of beauty, reconciliation, and healing over human tragedy, loss, and destruction.

The Kreeger Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following Sponsors for this exhibition: The Abramson Family Foundation, Anonymous, Aon, Stuart Eizenstat In Memory of Fran Eizenstat, and Scott and Loren Kantor.


Dan Steinhilber: Marlin Underground

September 11, 2012 - December 29,2012

Sculpture on The Grounds, 2011 Invitational

On view through April 15, 2013

Sculpture on the Grounds: The Kreeger Museum and Washington Sculptors Group Collaborate, 2011 Invitational with Martha Jackson-Jarvis and Dalya Luttwak

Tom Wesselmann DRAWS

April 5-July 30, 2011

The most comprehensive exhibition of drawings by Tom Wesselmann ever assembled. Many of the 60 pieces on view had never been seen outside the artist's studio in New York.

In Unison: 20 Washington, DC Artists

January 15-February 26, 2011

This exhibition was the culmination of a project initiated by renowned artist Sam Gilliam, bringing together of 20 established artists from the DC community, working in different styles and mediums to create 20 prints in the studios of George Mason University.

Kentridge and Kudryashov: Against the Grain

October 3-January 2, 2010

An exhibition of works by South African artist William Kentridge and Russian artist Oleg Kudryashov.

Sculpture on The Grounds, 2009 Invitational

Sculpture on the Grounds: The Kreeger Museum and Washington Sculptors Group Collaborate, 2009 Invitational with Wendy Ross and Foon Sham

Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art

March 15-July 31, 2008

Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art will showcased the relationship between art and architecture as seen through Philip Johnson's (1906-2005) late works. Johnson is notably, the architect of The Kreeger Museum.

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