Past Exhibitions

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Sculpture on The Grounds, 2009 Invitational

Sculpture on the Grounds: The Kreeger Museum and Washington Sculptors Group Collaborate, 2009 Invitational with Wendy Ross and Foon Sham

Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art

March 15-July 31, 2008

Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art will showcased the relationship between art and architecture as seen through Philip Johnson's (1906-2005) late works. Johnson is notably, the architect of The Kreeger Museum.

Gene Davis: Interval

April 14-July 31, 2007

A timely and extensive exhibition about Gene Davis’ use of interval in his stripe paintings, micro-paintings and works on paper. The exhibition is co-curated by Andrea Pollan and Jean Lawlor Cohen and includes a co-authored four-color catalog.

On Music: Tim Rollins + K.O.S.

April 8-July 30, 2005

The Kreeger Museum joined with Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center and FUSEBOX Gallery in a collaborative endeavor to bring the art and energy of Tim Rollins + K.O.S. to Washington, DC.

The True Artist is an Amazing Luminous Fountain

April 23-July 31, 2004

Works ofoutstanding Bay Area artfrom the di Rosa Preserve were exhibited at The Kreeger Museum, seen outside California for the first time since 1997.

Kendall Buster: Inventory of Imagined Places

April 4-July 5, 2003

This exhibition showcased the extraordinary vision of innovative artist Kendall Buster and consisted of a major site-specific installation, drawings and models.

William Christenberry: Changing Landscapes-The Source Revisited

October 4-December 29, 2001

William Christenberry is an exemplary artist whose poignant, sensitive works effectively communicate on a profound moral and poetic level.

Remembering the Present

May 6-July 1, 2000

14 artists from the Washington, DC, metropolitan area created monuments on 22” x 30” sheets of paper (two of the sculptors contributed models instead of works on paper) conveying the quality and relevance of the Present.

Sam Gilliam in 3-D

October 16, 1998-January 2, 1999

Sam Gilliam in 3-D was the first special exhibition presented by The Kreeger Museum.

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